Ultra-high Performance Hydrostatic Cylindrical Grinders

Rotary Table Structure
Rotary Table Diameter500 mm
Max. Grinding Radius Longitudinal 500 mm
Rotary Speed Max. Speed 400 R.P.M(Option pully 1,200 R.P.M)
Min. Speed 0 R.P.M
Infinitely Variable 0-400 R.P.M
Max. Load >7000 KG
Spindle Center to Table Surface 400 mm
Standard Magnetic Chuck Size 500 mm
Z Axis Cross Travel Movement
Auto Max. Travel 260 mm
Manual Max. Travel 290 mm
MPG Per Graduation 0.0001×1/0.0001×10/0.0001×100 mm
Auto Transverse Increment 1-19 mm
Auto Rapid Traverse 20-230 mm/min
Y Axis Vertical Feed
Increment Feed 0.0001-0.05 mm
Jog Feed 0.0001×1/0.0001×10/0.0001×100 mm
Wheel Speed 50/60HZ, 1450/1750 R.P.M
Power 7.5 HP
Max. Feed Rate 150 mm/min
Min. Feed Rate 6 mm/min
Spindle 7.5 kW YAxis 1.8 kW
Rotary Table 2.9 kW Z Axis 1.3 kW
Grinding Wheel
O.D × W × Core Φ355×50×Φ127 mm
Hydraulic Motor
Wheel Spindle and Rotary Table Shares an Oil Tank 1.5 kW/80L
Floor Space
Total Space Required L×W×H 1950×2200×2450 mm
Weight 4350 KG
Rated Power (Approx) 15 HP