Newly Launch Hydrostatic Grinding machine from Grintimate.

Grintimate Precision Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing super high precision gring machine – Grintimate own the advanced hydrostatic technology, the newly develped hydrostatic spindle, hydrostatic saddle, and hydrostatic turn table provides super high precision, high quality and low – wear , eco-friendly grinding machines.

Early they launched the only one (wide forming wheel Cylindrical grinding machine in Asia CTS-100, with the outstanding feature to carry a wide formaing wheel up to 300 mm width and able to take up to 15 steps grinding in one cycle thanks to their unique conversational control.

Tricia Tsai, vice president of Grintimate said that Grintimate have enormous R&D power, the new R&D had never stop to reaserch and develp more choices for its customer, in 2019 they launched a complete hydrostatic surface grinder – the spindle, saddle and rotary table all apply hydrostatic technology. And the model name for such machine is GRC. This machine is focus on providing solution for semi-conductor industries on grinding ceramic tooling, sic, quartz, and so on special materials.

The grinding efficiency is 200% better than traditional reciprocating surface grinder. And because the hudrostatic spindle and table are highly regid, high damping and on-stick slip feature, the spindle and table rotating accuracy is below 1 Um, loading capacity up to incredible 10,000kg, it is also a highly stable and long life to prevent high cost maintence and repair.

The cover designed as cylindrical provide the best efficiency for oil-mist suction and recycling. Touch screen on either Fanuc or Mitsubishi screen and conversational control fufill the visualization operation for the operator, the operator can quickly familiar with the table speed, enable convex/Concave shape grinding.

Together with computer compensation and sub-micro feeding capability, one can directly input the result after machining. This gives the exotic material (combine two or more material in one)a great hand to assist for developement and cost saving.