GRINTIMATE has exclusive hydrostatic bearing technology, provides high-precision, high-quality and low-wear grinding machines to help customers improve their production efficiency and quality, as well as enhance market competitiveness, integrated with factory planning, special purpose machine development, technical support, Turnkey project to provide customers with the best solution.
Our strong technical team of mechanical, electrical and application technologies provide customers with the most advanced grinding machines, which is widely used in the automobile industry, semiconductor industry, and aerospace industry.
Based on the requirements of high quality and high precision, GRINTIMATE actively innovates and promotes technology on the basis of the original solidity, and is committed to providing the best hydrostatic grinders and sub-micron elaboration solutions in various industries, not only to establish new benchmarks in the field of grinding machines, but respond quickly to market demands, and cooperate with global high-quality suppliers to continuously provide customers with high-end products and customized services.